Who EXACTLY are we? (Our Mission)

Quote from very important person’ – Very Important Person

Welcome to ‘The Bros and Blokes Lifestyle Academy’. We explore fresh perspectives on man’s lifestyle habits, under the four main banners of Fitness, Gaming, Parenting and Social Conventions. Join us weekly as we bring our own thoughts to the table and interview top experts in the field to share their insights.

Some bullet points:

  • We began recording in December 2019.
  • Before our launch on Monday Jan 13th, we’d taped 10 episodes, ranging in topics.
  • James has two cats, named Arlo and Graham.

SO WHY the four banners of Fitness, Gaming, Society and Parenting?


James and Tyler are both Personal Trainers at Onelife Kansas City and have been training for over 5 years! Kalan is not a trainer, but he dabbles in Crossfit on a daily basis. (Fun fact, his brother is a Crossfit certified coach!)

  • They want to share their fitness experience.
  • They want to teach and coach perfect form.
  • They want to share the important of good diet and food planning!
  • They want to help!


All the guys love to game. Tyler is a social gamer (think Fortnite, Call of Duty), James is a story/sports gamer (Red Dead Redemption, FIFA, Rocket League) and Kalan is a fantasy gamer (Destiny, Destiny, Destiny.) Together, they’re excited to learn cool tips and tricks about certain games, revisit the forgotten classics, discover the upcoming best sellers and NERD OUT in general!


EVERYONE has hobbies! Right? Some of us dabble in recreational sports. Others in Basket Weaving. For most men, there’s a social convention that brings us all together. In some of our episodes, we’ll be sharing our thoughts on some common conventions, such as the perfect beers or those un-missable movies, or even the rules of Poker. We believe everyone should have the fundamental knowledge of the many social conventions, to succeed in their everyday lives.


One of the most difficult aspects of a young man’s life is his entry into Fatherhood. His routine changes. He must adapt. He takes in new responsibilities. We recognise these many concerns and hope to create content that can ease the modern man into his new role as a father, and even earn some bonus points with the significant other. Each of the three of us are at different stages. James – considering. Tyler – with newborn. Kalan – a Stepfather. We hope to share good thoughts from each other and educate ourselves (and our listeners) along the way.

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