Introduction- What is it?

The Bros and Blokes Lifestyle Academy is a new weekly men’s health and lifestyle podcast, discussing the many aspects of Fitness, Social Conventions, Parenting and Fun and Games (or “Gaming”). Not only do we record episodes that are timeless and have longer relevance, we create fresh content in the form of vlogs, blogs and monthly downloads that addresses current affairs.

Who are we?

We are three different Bros/Blokes; Two from the Midwest, one from the U.K. The three of us combined bring our own unique life experiences to the table and share thoughts on the topics being discussed. Tyler as a new parent shares his experiences with early fatherhood. James as an Expat shares his experiences with cultural differences and teaches English social conventions. Kalan brings his love and passion of gaming, TV and movies to the table.

How it began!

The idea was originally conceived as a ‘Fitness First, Fun Later‘ type of show, where we’d address the many areas of fitness before sharing something completely different. The idea evolved when Tyler became a new parent and wanted to share unique stories on fatherhood. When Kalan joined the team, we chose to expand the topics further (but not be too generalized) to include more gaming stories and social conventions. We wanted a show that helps men teach life lessons and remind us how to live a fulfilling life. Thus the idea of an academy was born; a place where we learn, enjoy and be entertained by our weekly episodes.


With Tyler and James being Personal Trainers, we wanted to create a unique voice for those wanting to learn about fitness. With the added extensions of Parenting, Gaming and Social Conventions, we were able to create more of a ‘Men’s Health’ feel to our show and give people the chance to learn different aspects with our 30 minute shows.


We are committed to providing 20-45 minute episodes once a week, by recording episodes well in advance of their release date. We ensure that the content we provide stays relevant prior to release. For our launch date on January 13th, we released 4 episodes, one on each subject banner. Moving forward, we plan to record 1 episode a month, which covers all the latest news and trends on Men’s Health.


Our podcast is hosted by Buzzsprout and is currently available on all major podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and IHeartRadio. More information and blog posts can be found on our website and our social media avenues: Instagram (@brosandblokes), Twitter (@brosandblokes), Youtube (“Bros and Blokes” channel) and Facebook (/brosandblokes)



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